It may be surprising to hear that many businesses are opting to go with two-way radios, also known as walkie-talkies, over cell phones for better communication. In an age where the smartphone reigns supreme, it might be baffling to some people to think that there could possibly a more effective means of contact. Well, when it comes the benefits of two-radios, it is all about the situational advantage.

For instance, a two-way radio can offer superior performance when a more rugged device is needed for tough applications and environments. Two-way radios also offer wide-area communication with no dead zones that can render cell phones useless. There are many other compelling reasons to choose two-way radios for enhanced communication.

Business Advantages of Two-Way Radios

There all kinds of benefits that you may not be aware of when using two-way radios for business communications. Some of the greatest advantages, include:

  • Technological advancements
  • Durability
  • Service and coverage
  • Long battery life
  • Sound quality
  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Cost

Technological Advancements

When you are picturing a walkie-talkie in your mind, you may be thinking of a heavy and bulky device that requires its own carrying case for portability. Advancements in two-way radio technology have seen these devices take on a much sleeker, lightweight design to make them as easily portable as they are functional.


The majority of smartphones are designed for the average consumer, and are not constructed for commercial and industrial applications. Many job sites contain a variety of hazards that can cause cellphone damage, and the need for costly replacements. Two-way radios are built for rugged applications for longevity and performance.

Service & Coverage

Two-way radios provide continuous coverage, even in the case of emergency or disaster. Cell phone towers can become overloaded, resulting in connection failure for users. This is not a concern for two-way radios that rely on their own airways for uninterrupted coverage.

Long Battery Life

As I’m sure you are aware, cell phone batteries don’t provide much longevity with persistent use. Having the battery run out at an inopportune moment can present complications and even jeopardize safety. Most two-way radio batteries will last for a full 24 hours of constant use.

Sound Quality

Two-way radios can offer an enormous benefit in noisy work environments like construction or manufacturing. These radios are designed specifically to enhance sound quality with noise-cancelling features to reduce background racket.


Many two-way radios have built-in safety features to create a safer work environment for employees. Aside from better function in the case of emergency, these devices also have options like the Man Down feature to detect and alert if a worker has fallen, and the Lone Worker feature for remote locations, keeping workers safe with required check-ins.

Two-way radios are also exempt from hacking and spyware. This can help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.


There are an assortment of features of the two-way radio that help improve efficiency and productivity. For one thing, these radios are designed for work applications only. Cell phones are full of distractions that can compromise productivity. Also, since two-way radios are only open to other employees on the channel, it prevents employee time wasted on personal calls.

Two-way radios provide instant communication, so there is no need for dialing numbers and waiting for signals to go through. The very nature of the two-way radio encourages brief conversations.

Plus, these devices provide the option to reach an entire group at once for efficient delivery of instructions or updates.


Cost of operation for two-way radios is significantly less than cell phones, as they require no monthly fees, contracts, or call minutes. They can also be easily shared amongst employees.

Two-Way Radio Rental

Contract jobs and temporary applications may make it more advantageous for your business to rent the devices rather than buy them. SMB Wireless offers a wide range of two-way radios for rental to suit your specific budget ad needs.

Rental options are available for daily, weekly, or monthly terms, starting at $10 a day or $30 per month. Deals are available for high volume applications.

Renting is a great option as it means constant service support and no maintenance or repairs, making it easy to stay on budget.