Communication is paramount for any business with multiple employees, especially when employees are working in various locations or are working on mobile tasks. Typically when people think of mobile communication the first thought that comes to mind is a cell phone. Extremely functional, portable, and widely prevalent cell phones are often a good solution for mobile communication.

Cell phones vs 2-Way Radios

While cell phones are a proven useful tool for most people in daily life, they are not always the best choice when it comes to communication for business.

For example, in tough and demanding environments like construction, manufacturing, and industrial settings a more rugged and durable device is often more practical. Not only do 2-way radios provide better protection against damage and breakage, they also deliver more dependable communication in areas where cell phone service may be spotty or non-existent.

How can Two-Way Radios improve productivity and performance?

There are a multitude of advantages for business operations in rigorous environments that can be appreciated with the use of two-way radios for daily communication.

Some of the benefits and perks 2-way radios have to offer are:

  • Dependability
  • Resilience
  • Noise reduction
  • Lasting battery
  • Security
  • Productivity
  • Value
  • Technology


In the case of emergency, or in densely populated areas where cellular coverage may be tenuous, cell phones may not be the most reliable option for critical communication. On worksites with tough physical demands, the risk for injury is ever-present which means a reliable communication device is essential for incidents where time is of extreme importance for urgent medical treatment.

2-Way radios operate on their own communication channel for continuous, uninterrupted connectivity and coverage.


Almost everyone these days has a cell phone. The majority of people are also painfully aware of just how fragile and susceptible to damage these devices are. It doesn’t take much to cause a cracked screen which can compromise the ability to communicate.

2-way radios are extremely rugged and durable with the ability to withstand being dropped on the ground or mistakenly struck with tools or equipment. They are much more reliable to prevent downtime and the need for costly replacements.

Noise Reduction

In noisy work environments it can be very difficult to hear the person you are talking to over a mobile phone with all the background noise causing a considerable distraction. 2-way radios feature noise-cancelling properties to mitigate background noise for easier communication.

Lasting Battery

Never worry about batteries running out throughout the day with an all day charge delivered by 2-way radios. This provides peace of mind knowing safety won’t be compromised by a worker in peril not being able to contact anyone because of a dead battery.


Built-in safety features provide an extra level of security in hazardous areas. For instance, the Man Down feature is designed to identify if a worker has fallen and may be injured. It detects if the radio has been tilted to a certain angle and sends an instant notification when that happens. The Lone Worker feature is also very practical for individuals working alone in remote locations. Solitary workers are required to check in at set intervals to ensure safety.


Cell phones are a constant source of distraction for workers in any environment. With games, entertainment, and social media so close at hand the temptation can be too much to ignore even during work hours.

2-way radios keep employees focused on work only. With all workers set to the same channel and no internet access people tend to stay focused on the task at hand rather than attending to personal matters. 2-way radios are designed for brief, efficient exchanges which can be delivered to an entire group simultaneously.


The cost of supplying workers with 2-radios as opposed to cell phones is significantly lower. For one thing, devices can be shared amongst employees instead of each person requiring their own unit. 2-way radios come with no monthly fees unless they are being rented, which is also a practical option for temporary projects.


2-way radios are no longer the giant, bulky walkie-talkies you may have seen in movies. Advanced technology has provided improvements in design and performance to offer more lightweight and multifunctional devices.

SMB Wireless Rental Options

If you are looking to rent 2-way radios for contract work or short projects, there are a variety options available at SMB Wireless. For ongoing requirements, a wide range of 2-way radios are also available for purchase.