Motorola CP185

Motorola EVX-261

Product Overview

The Motorola CP185 two-way radio is a lightweight and rugged analog device with display and 5-programmable button keypad. The Motorola CP185 sets the standard for intuitive design and impressive functionality, including built-in simple voice scrambling for increased privacy, VOX ready hands-free operation, outstanding coverage, and long Li-Ion battery life. This affordable portable is backed by a two-year warranty, making the CP185 an ideal analog radio for users in many sectors. Signalling models (SIG) available with MDC 1200/Quik Call II/DTMF signalling. Note: Some SIG models do not include display/keypad.

Motorola CP185 includes:
  • CP185 VHF or UHF Display Radio
  • 1750T mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Radio Specific Antenna
  • Rapid Rate Charger
  • Belt Clip
  • Owner Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty