Two way radios can offer numerous communication advantages over other devices, including smartphones. Many people look at 2 way radios as outdated technology that have nothing to offer in such an advanced technological world.

However, two way radio technology has also made significant advancements, offering certain benefits for business communication that even top of the line smartphones can’t provide.

Professional Grade Two Way Radios

If you are purchasing your two way radios, also known as a walkie talkies, from a department store or retailer of that nature, you are likely to be sorely disappointed with the results. The caliber of the 2 way radios you find at Walmart are not going to offer anywhere near the functionality or quality delivered by a professional telecommunications provider like Bell SMB Wireless.

Bell SMB Wireless Two Way Radios

If you are looking for the highest quality in 2 way radios at affordable prices, SMB Wireless has plenty to offer. There is a wide selection of two way radios to choose from designed by industry leaders Motorola and Vertex.

There are several options for renting or purchasing equipment, based on your specific business needs.

5 Business Benefits of Two Way Radios

There are many advantages for businesses employing the use of 2 way radios for better communication. Five of the most impressive benefits may be:

  • Rugged durability
  • Better coverage
  • Instant communication with clear reception
  • Enhanced safety
  • Lower operating costs

Rugged Durability

One considerable advantage two way radios have over smartphones is their capacity to withstand punishment and abuse. You drop a smartphone on the concrete or in water and it is likely busted beyond repair.

However, 2 way radios are designed to be more robust by Ingress Protection rating standards, meaning some devices are dust-proof, smash resistant, and can even be fully submerged in water.

Just like the devices, the batteries are also lasting and durable, delivering up to 29 hours service on a single charge and performance for up to 2 years before needing to be replaced.

Better Coverage

More versatile coverage is another excellent advantage of the two way radio. Smartphones are subject to dead zones within their networks that users may experience in remote areas or densely populated metro areas with heavy network traffic.

Two way radios are not affected by network overload, so you get the same, clear coverage wherever you are located. They can also offer coverage in the case of emergency or disaster, when cell service towers may become overloaded or inoperable. In the case of emergency, it is easy to contact your entire staff at once on a walkie talkie, instead of individually by smartphone.

Two way radios are also very useful for communicating when traveling in a vehicle, as it is illegal to operate a cell phone while driving, and may result in hefty fines.

Instant Communication and Clear Reception

Two way radios provide the means for efficient and straightforward communication. There is no number to dial, and no waiting while the phone rings for someone to pick up. Also, a phone call usually starts with exchanged pleasantries, while 2 way radio conversations are typically brief and to the point.

Two way radios have built-in features to enhance sound quality, and cancel out distracting background noise. The instant push to talk functionality is also extremely efficient, delivering a message to one or all of your employees simultaneously.

Enhanced Safety

Aside from being reliable in an emergency, there other safety features two way radios can offer workers in potentially hazardous environments.

Man Down Function

The Man Down feature on a walkie talkie is designed to keep vulnerable workers safe from injury. This feature works using a tilt-switch inside the device that senses when a radio has been tipped on its side for a pre-set length of time. Once the time limit is reached, an alert is automatically generated.

Lone Worker Function

This feature is designed to help monitor workers that may be working alone in remote or dangerous locations. A timer is set and goes off at regular intervals that can be set to your specifications. Whenever the timer goes off, the worker is responsible for checking in to indicate all is well. If there is no response, an alarm is issued.

Low Operating Costs

Whether buying or renting, two way radios are much cheaper to operate on a monthly basis than smartphones. Two way radios have no monthly services plans, extraneous fees, or overage charges to worry about.

Walkie talkies can be easily shared amongst employees, while smartphones tend to be user specific, requiring one personal device for each person. Plus, smartphones typically become outdated and need to be replaced more frequently.

Two way radios are easy to use, maintain, and incur much lower monthly operating expenses for your business.