As smartphone technology continues to improve and expand, the productivity apps available for download to these devices also proceeds to develop and advance to provide business professionals with opportunities to get things done more efficiently and effectively.

With a greater demand for instant access to information and the current “need it now” attitude, the old working smarter instead of harder philosophy is more relevant than ever. The device of choice for the average business professional is a smartphone, for the obvious reasons of combined power, portability, and performance. Bell SMB Wireless providers offer a wide area of Bell Smartphones, including top of the line Apple devices like the iPhone 11 series and iPhone X series.

These iPhone devices are not only packed with features to improve daily productivity while offering exceptional convenience, there is also a massive selection of iOS business apps to choose from than can improve efficiency even further.

Bell iPhone Productivity Apps for the 2020 Business Professional

There is certainly no shortage of apps to choose from when it comes to managing time effectively and increasing daily output. Some of the most impressive iOS apps currently available for download, include:

  • Fantastical 2
  • Smartsheet
  • Salesforce
  • 30/30
  • Asana

Fantastical 2

Keeping up with daily appointments, meetings, and tasks is often job one when it comes to effective time management. Whether you are running a business or working as a part of one, staying organized is key to ongoing success and achieving benchmarks and goals.

Fantastical 2 is a useful, practical, and intuitive calendar app available for iOS download. It compatible with basically any Apple device, and can be synched with your iPhone, iPad, and Apple watch. This app is voice activated to add extra convenience for setting reminders, creating to do lists, and programming tasks. Notifications and alerts will then be issued to ensure you never miss a crucial meeting or deadline.


This project management app is ideal for business owners and managers to help monitor projects on the go and keeps tabs on team members contributing to group projects. Doing these tedious tasks manually can be extremely time consuming and aggravating. Smartsheet makes it easy to manage employees, various projects, and the status of those projects being currently worked on. One of the greatest benefits is that it can all be done remotely, from virtually any location.

Some great features of Smartsheet, include:

  • Automating tasks and processes
  • Includes daily repetitive tasks, sending reminders to group members, prompting actions, and reinforcing deadlines
  • Streamline communications to ensure all teams members are on the same page
  • Establish priorities
  • Maintain consistent output
  • Real time progress monitoring
  • Keeps data secure


This CRM app is also extremely effective for staying organized and connected with clients and colleagues. This widely used app is so popular due to its intuitive interface, Chatter tool for easy communication, and reporting and notification features.

Salesforce is perfect for business professionals on the go, allowing users to get account updates from any location, participate in conference calls, track and log calls, perform sales tasks, and monitor all sales actions. Dashboards and live updates ensure users are always kept in the loop. The Chatter tools is effectively for quick communication and file sharing.

This app is excellent for keeping you up to date on progress with every sales process, urgent notifications, organized task lists, and marketing campaigns and strategies.


Staying on task can be a serious challenge these days, with the potential for distraction at every turn. As effective as your iPhone may be for productivity, it is also a likely source of continual distraction. Most people use their smartphones for both work and play, and it can be very difficult to separate the two to stay focused on the task at hand.

The concept is a simple one. It is called 30/30 because the idea is that you spend 30 minutes with intense focus on a particular task, and then take a 30 minute break to refresh and recharge. Of course, you can program the app to provide whatever amount of time is needed for each task, creating your list to time you for each project. It can really help avoid distractions and lost productivity.


This project management app is also helpful for managing time and staying on task, with more of a focus on collaborative projects. It helps teams stay focused on details, deadlines, and goals, tracking projects through every stage of the process.

The app allows users to plan out the entire project in advance to help avoid unforeseen complications and unwanted surprises. Dashboards provide excellent visuals, to make moving through a project step by step easy and convenient. The timeline integrates all involved tasks, providing a clear overall picture of what is expected and required. Group collaboration is easy with a central location for emails, files, notifications, and updates. Asana is excellent for keeping group members on task for smooth and straightforward project collaboration.