Work productivity is largely dependent on the tools and processes in place to accomplish daily tasks and projects. Communication is one of the key factors to increase productivity and ensure things are being done correctly. Good communication helps establish a trusting relationship between staff and management to boost morale and improve worker efficiency. It is also crucial for achieving customer satisfaction and employee health and safety.

Studies show that poor communication practices can result huge losses in profit every year in inefficient processes, idle time spent by employees, and lost labour.

Just how important is communication for your business?

Surprisingly, many businesses do not engage in detailed analytics regarding their communicative processes. It is estimated that ineffective communication practices can cost a company more than $10,000 per employee every year. For companies managing a large number of employees that amount of lost profits can reach astronomical proportions.

Establishing effective and efficient communication channels for your business can be the difference between success and failure. When communication avenues are inadequate it increases confusion and also time spent by management to regulate and repair these deficiencies.

Communication streams should be convenient, open, and fast to get at the heart of the matter to get the tasks accomplished or the problem solved.

Bell Push-to-Talk (PTT)

Just as the name implies, one push of a button and you are ready for a fast and reliable communication solution with Bell PTT. Connect with your entire team at once or with specific individuals over a secure channel. PTT services can be accessed using virtually any smartphone device, from the top of the line Samsung Galaxy or iPhone to the rugged Sonim or Doro devices.

What communication advantages does Bell PTT offer?

There are several amazing benefits Bell PTT can offer to streamline communication and increase productivity. Some of the best benefits include:

  • Versatility
  • Flexibility
  • Brevity
  • Time management
  • Team work
  • Reduced expenses


Bell PTT is practical for a wide range of business applications and sectors including construction, hospitality, and transportation. Since Bell PTT is compatible with so many devices, it can be used in such a wide variety of settings.

For example, it can be very helpful in the high-paced, high-traffic food service industry when every second is crucial to keep customers happy and coming back. It is just as useful in construction work where short bursts of communication are often required to keep employees safe. More rugged devices may be more practical in these demanding environments as the average smartphone can be easily damaged by the elements.


As employees working on team projects continue to be spread out amongst a variety of geographical locations, good communication is more important than ever to maintain quality and efficiency. Bell PTT operates on the largest LTE across Canada to ensure remote connection wherever the job takes you.

Secure in-app text and multimedia capabilities are also included with the PTT service providing the ability to share images and videos when using a picture may be easier to get your message across.


Keeping communications short and sweet is another way to improve productivity. The ability to quickly contact your entire team is an excellent feature of Bell PTT not available with standard smartphone service. Also, traditional phone calls tend to include a lot of pleasantries that take up time, which are not conducive to PTT communication. Simply press a button, say your piece, conversation over.

Time Management

The use of PTT really cuts down on the amount of unnecessary phone calls and emails people are usually bombarded with on any typical day. The average office worker receives about 100 emails a day, many of which are not pertinent to the tasks at hand, but still take time away from those tasks.

PTT offers a much more convenient and direct approach to communication, significantly reducing the time needed for information exchange.

Team Work

Group organization couldn’t be easier with Bell Push-to-Talk. You can easily give instructions to your entire team at once no matter where they are located. Connect with up to 249 people simultaneously with the push of a button.

Reduced Expenses

Enhanced communication helps reduce operational expenses and idle downtime for employees. Supervisors can monitor employee activity and PTT channel communication to ensure everyone is on task and on the same page.