Effective communication is one of the most important aspects of productivity and success for a wide variety of businesses. The way you communicate with your team plays a decisive role in how efficiently things get done.

Research into business communication has demonstrated that the ineffective exchange of information can cost a company big dollars in wasted hours due to ineffective communication practices. Every minute wasted by employees has an impact on the bottom line, with inflated labor expenses and reduced productivity.

Conversely, streamlined communication helps limit employee downtime, improving profitability and overall operations.

How much time is being wasted due to poor communication?

Most businesses don’t delve too deeply into the specifics of how much time gets wasted in a day, week, or month because of inefficient communication systems.

One study in particular was done by Siemens, a large automation company, to determine just how much time and money was being wasted over the course of year. The results of the study demonstrated that roughly 40% of employee output was spent trying to manage communication deficiencies. That adds up to a considerable dollar value when taking into account total number of employees.

Quick, convenient, and effective communication methods are crucial for operational efficiency and success.

Advantages of Bell PTT for Business

There are several advantages to using Bell Push to Talk for business communications. Some of the greatest benefits, may include:

  • Instant communication
  • Reduced phone calls
  • Reduced email
  • Group collaboration
  • Remote workers
  • Multiple devices
  • Controlled Costs

Instant Communication

If your business constantly has a group of team members out in the field, then it is critical that they have a quick and easy way to communicate with each other. Whether they working in the office or from remote locations, it boosts productivity if they can stay connected at all times. Much like with a walkie-talkie, the single push of a button allows for communication with other team members.

This feature is also extremely useful for reporting injuries and addressing issues immediately when they occur.

Reduced Phone Calls

Even having to make a short phone call can end up being a massive waste of time. But sometimes there is too much information to convey over text or instant message. Bell PTT solves this issue by offering a quick and reliable solution.

Without a streamlined communication system, mobile workers tend to waste a lot of time having to take multiple phone calls to delegate tasks or solve a problem. If a call needs to be made every time an issue arises, then a lot of time gets wasted looking for contact numbers, waiting for a response, exchanging pleasantries, and leaving messages.

Reduced Email

Studies show that the average corporate employee sends and receives around 100 emails throughout the course of the day. Communicating through email is not terribly efficient as you can end up waiting a long time for a response.

Bell PTT offers a more direct method of contact that can save considerable time.

Group Collaboration

Trying to organize a group of people working on the same project can be frustrating and time consuming. It is even more difficult if team members are spread out around various locations.

Bell PTT makes it simple and convenient for groups or teams to collaborate in real time. In fact, this service allows the connection of up to 249 users at the same time. This feature is perfect for giving instructions to multiple people at once.

Remote Workers

More and more companies are becoming spread out across a range of geographical locations and employ many remote workers.

The service uses Canada’s largest LTE network, which covers all remote workers across Canada, and can also include roaming coverage for the U.S.

Multiple Devices

Depending on the tasks you are required to complete on a daily basis, and your dynamic communication needs, multiple devices can be used with Bell PTT.

Office workers typically need a device that has a wide range of applications and multi-functionality, like a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. On the other hand, field workers may require a more rugged device to withstand the harsh elements, like the Sonim smartphone.

Controlled Costs

The ability to connect to multiple users at the same time can significantly reduce your communication expenses. This helps save time, effort, and money.