Fleet Management.

Manage your vehicles, assets or your team with SMB Fleet Tracking. Our GPS Tracking solution helps improve customer service and optimize your assets. This is a powerful and easy to use GPS fleet tracking platform. Need information on your assets? Get real time data and reporting to manage cost and performance of your assets.

SMB Tracking

Asset & Fleet Management

Secure Assets

Secure Assets

Secure your assets with our sophisticated algorithms and sensor options that will notify you when something is not right. SMB GPS Tracking solution securely monitors assets and  protects what is important to you. 

Real Time GPS Tracking

Real Time GPS Tracking

Real time tracking lets you see where your assets are and their current status. Whether it is a battery level or a PTO event. You will know in real time. Our powerful asset tracking platform provides real-time status updates to ensure assets are optimally deployed. 

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Route Optimization

Route Optimization

Save time and money with our route optimization feature. Getting multiple assets to multiple locations in the most efficient manner can be a challenge for any business. Our GPS tracking platform provides landmarks, nearest asset locator & routing features to help get people and assets to where they need to be.



Automate and easily manage your vehicle maintenance and repairs. Keep track of asset servicing with our maintenance management module. Get information on when to service your assets and get notified when there is a problem. Planned and predicative maintenance  will dramatically reduce your operating costs and will improve your bottom line.

Benefits for Your Business

Reduce Operational Cost

Save wages, fuel and repair expense by optimally routing the assets. Route optimization eliminates the guess work and helps get the most out of your valuable assets. Reduce insurance premiums with fleet history reports to validate improved safety.  SMB GPS fleet tracking provides an effective way of tracking vehicles if they are stolen. Ability to track the vehicle means higher recovery rate and reduce insurance claims. 

Deliver Superior Customer Service

In today’s competitive world, customers are looking for fast and reliable customer service. Keep your customers updated on expected delivery time or when the service technician will arrive. Customer satisfaction helps build stronger relationship and repeat business.

Increase Efficiency

SMB Fleet & Asset management platform is ideal for maximizing fleet efficiency. You can easily pinpoint which vehicles and employees are operating efficiently and which ones need improvment.

Vertical Industries

Transportation & Logistics

See your entire fleet on one screen. Your dispatchers are able to get a real-time view of all vehicles, their route, delivery without having to call the driver or wait for their paper work. 


Get real-time view, status and performance of equipment, tools and vehicles in the field. Avoid misplacement equipment or prolonged downtime to meet customers deadlines.

Trade & Field Services

Let customers know when the service technician will arrive. Locate and send the closest available technician for the job. Our route optimization feature will help establish the best route to ensure timely service and cost savings.