Business owners implementing GPS tracking systems into their fleet management processes have been impressed with the results and Return on Investment (ROI). However, some businesses with multiple company vehicles are still a bit hesitant to employ the assistance of GPS tracking.

Introducing any new technology into your regular business operations can be concerning, making sure it is set up properly, is easy to maintain, and that it does what it is supposed to do. GPS Fleet Management systems are designed to help reduce the stress of monitoring your vehicles and assets, not increase it.

GPS tracking systems offer a range of features to help keep a close eye on your assets, optimize efficiency, and enhance security.

Business Benefits of GPS Fleet Management

Any company with a fleet of vehicles or valuable assets to monitor can gain serious advantages by using GPS tracking. Some of the exceptional advantages to be enjoyed, include:

  • Boost in productivity
  • Beefed-up security
  • Employee safety
  • Eliminating bad driving habits
  • Better communication
  • Reduced operating costs

Boost in Productivity

Competition between businesses offering similar products and services gets fiercer all the time as the world gets smaller and businesses expand their global reach. For this reason, the average business is doing everything in their power to be more productive and efficient to get a leg up on the competition.

One approach many companies are taking is using various SaaS (Software as a Service) technologies to automate repetitive processes, improve workflows, and secure important data. GPS tracking software is an excellent example of this method.

GPS Fleet Management can help boost productivity by:

  • Optimizing driver routes
  • Provide drivers with instant updates and notifications
  • Track vehicles and employees in real time
  • Negates the need for continual progress updates
  • Makes it easy for dispatch to assign the right vehicle and employee to the job
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Employee hours are logged automatically
  • Automatically generated reports for roadside inspections and border crossings

Beefed-Up Security

A quick check into the real time location of any of your vehicles and assets helps prevent loss and theft. Whenever vehicles are not in operation, GPS tracking devices can be configured to provide instant alerts for unauthorized use or movement of those vehicles.

Vehicles fitted with GPS tracking device warnings can help deter potential thieves from attempted break ins. GPS fleet management systems also monitor vehicle health to prevent break downs out on the road. Regularly scheduled maintenance helps prevent costly repairs and replacements.

Employee Safety

Real time location tracking is also a great way to keep track your employees. In some cases, employees are skeptical about GPS tracking because they feel it infringes on their privacy. However, it can be a life saver in the case of an accident or getting stranded in a remote area. Fleet management can help ensure emergency services are immediately deployed to the scene of an accident if the driver is not able to call for help.

Another benefit for employees is the automatic hour tracking, so employees will be paid for their work even if they may forgot to clock in or record their hours.

Eliminating Bad Driver Habits

Eradicating poor driving habits is another way to help keep drivers safe, while reducing unnecessary expenses and risks.

Some bad driving habits that can really inflate operating expenses, include:

  • Speeding
  • Excessive idling
  • Abrupt starts and stops
  • Sharp turning
  • Careless driving

Irresponsible driving habits can increase fuel consumption and cause damage to a vehicle’s components. GPS tracking helps eliminate bad habits to reduce operational costs and improve safety for drivers and vehicles.

Better Communication

Better communication between dispatch and driving staff helps improve efficiency to make sure deadlines are met and complications are being dealt with effectively.

This also serves to offer better customer service, keeping customers informed and providing them with accurate delivery times.

Reduced Operating Costs

Business owners are realizing the significant benefits involved with GPS Fleet Management, helping to provide more efficient processes and reduce overall costs.

Initial costs for implementing GPS tracking are offset by the huge cost savings in the long run. Improving daily productivity while at the same time making the work environment a safer place can open new doors and offer endless potential for your business.