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Fast, reliable and nationwide Push-to-talk solutions.

Connect with your team at a push of a button.
PTT from Bell provides exceptional speed and reliability to reach your team anywhere, anytime. Get the Ultra Rugged Somin smartphone for demanding applications, as well as your favourite iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

BELL Push to Talk Smartphone

Get powerful Push-to-talk.

See why so many businesses choose Bell.

Access our next generation services.

  • Connect with up to 249 people instantly
  • Connect with one or many at the touch of a button
  • Call with PTT while you email, text or browse simultaneously
  • Update contacts and groups in real time on all PTT devices
  • Supervisory override in group calls
  • Make PTT calls, map the location of your PTT users, and record calls from a Windows computer


See how Bell PTT enhances customer service and increases productivity at the push of a button.

Connect instantly with employees and suppliers.


Get on Canada’s largest LTE network. Coverage you can trust. Speed that gets the job done.

  • Access Canada’s largest LTE network, covering over 31 million Canadians from coast to coast
  • Extensive HSPA and LTE roaming coverage in the U.S., covering 90% of the U.S. population
  • Enhanced coverage with secure PTT over Wi-Fi3
  • Transfer documents and send emails with fast speeds while on the go


See Push-to-talk how Bell’s service powerful compares. Bell
Powered by a trusted PTT solution used by leading U.S. carriers
Largest selection of PTT-enabled rugged devices
Ability to connect with 249 people instantly
Corporate Administrator Tool (CAT) allows you to manage contacts and groups on all of your PTT devices
PTT Dispatch Console allows you to communicate with your entire team of PTT users from a Windows computer


Complete suite of devices, accessories and solutions.

  • A full range of devices – from the world’s toughest phones to powerful smartphones
  • Accessories tailored to suit any work environment
  • Combine PTT with robust workforce, asset and fleet management solutions

Bell offers a wide selection PTT devices. 

Choose the right phone for your application. Bell PTT devices include rugged superphones and smartphones.

Concerned about harsh conditions in the field? Bell offers dust and waterproof devices that are built to handle harsh conditions and rugged applications. All PTT enabled models are compatible with each other, so you can assign devices on your businesses needs.


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