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SMB Wireless Solutions

SMB Wireless offers proven cellular, 2-way radio and GPS tracking solutions for business clients. Contact us anytime to get started – we’re focused on getting you the solutions you need, when you need them.
We’re an authorized Bell Mobility dealer and we’re one of the largest push-to-talk Bell dealers in the industry. With over 36 years in the business, we’re focused on providing the service support our clients require.


We’re here to help. Let us tailor our products and services to suit your needs – ensuring the best value for your budget.


On-Site Service

Our on-site service personnel are focused on quality service, and dedicated to keeping you connected at all times.

SMB Customer Focused
SMB Customer Focused


We’re here to help. Let us tailor our products and services to suit your needs – ensuring the best value for your budget.


On-Site Service

Our on-site service personnel are focused on quality service, and dedicated to keeping you connected at all times.

SMB In-house Technicians

In-House Technicians

Our SMB service department offers timely product repairs and service to our customers in house for your convenience.


Experienced Team

Ask us anything. We have the knowledge and experience to help you make an informed decision for your business.

Our Partners

BELL Authorized Dealer


We’re a Bell Mobility Dealer and an authorized Master Service Dealer for Motorola & Vertex products.

  • Bell Mobility Products & Services 
  • Motorola & Vertex Radios / Repeaters 
  • On-Site Service & In-House Repairs 
  • Wireless Coverage Tests


Meet Our Team

SMB Experts

Bill Massie




With over 35 years of experience running various businesses in communications Bill has proven himself to be one of the most highly respected and well connected people in the industry. Bill has built his success by providing the best customer service in the business, a trait that he demands from all of his employees. Bill has also built a reputation as a guy that can get things done. When it seems impossible Bill is always the one that seems to find a way. These skills along with his always outgoing and trust worthy personality have allowed him to maintain positive business relationships with many of his clients for multiple decades.
Along with being President Bill also maintains a large client portfolio and a roll as a consultant within Bell.
When not working Bill enjoys watching sports, golfing, playing cards and hanging out at the cottage with his grandkids.
SMB Experts

Fred Armstrong

Executive Vice President



Fred is an Acadia University graduate, full of personality and positivity. Fred has a way of attracting people with his unique sense of humor and excellent communication skills. With over 35 years of experience in sales and management Fred has become a true expert in many facets of the business. This combined with his determination and problem solving skills have helped him remain one of the top sales people in the industry year over year.
When not at the office Fred can be found on the golf course wearing his beloved Maple Leafs hat. He also enjoys playing hockey and going to the cottage with his family.
SMB Experts

Garnet Parsons

Installation Expert, Office Administration



Garnet is a jack of all trades heavily leaned on for his variety of skills. From 2 way radio programming and onsite installations/services, to GPS systems administrator and cell phone programming and training Garnet is able to provide expert advice and customer service.
Garnet enjoys fishing, golfing, playing hockey and is a life-long Toronto Maple Leaf fan.
SMB Experts

Steve Massie

Sales Executive



Steve has been in a sales roll for over 15 years. He has built his success by following his fathers (Bill Massie) customer service first model of doing business. With a vast knowledge of products and services combined with excellent problem solving skills Steve is able to present a variety of solutions that will be a benefit to any business.
After hours Steve enjoys going to the trailer with his wife and 3 kids, playing hockey, watching sports and coaching youth hockey.
SMB Experts

Jim Massie

Office Administration



Jim is one of the original members of the SMB/Go Wireless family. With over 20 years of experience Jim has gained immense knowledge of the products, processes, services and work arounds that make him invaluable to the company and its clients.
Jim is a lover of all things sports related. He is analytically keen and excels in various pools and fantasy leagues. He also enjoys golf and playing with his nieces and nephews.
SMB Experts

Millie Pap

Office Administration



Millie has been a mainstay in the SMB/Go Wireless family since 1999. Since that time she has become one of the most important people in the organization. Millie has developed great relationships with many of our clients, suppliers and Bell administration. On top of processing sales Millie also manages client billing issues and credits among other important clerical jobs.
Millie enjoys gardening, seadoing and attending NASCAR events and hanging out with her family.
SMB Experts

Nihal Hewage

Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable


Nihal is the newest member of the team joining us in 2011. He has become a vital piece of the company who manages all accounts payable/receivable as well as creating and maintaining an in depth log of all sales and commissions. Nihal has a reputation of being a company first kind of guy who gives his very best every single day and takes nothing for granted.
Nihal is a proud family man who enjoys walking his dog, watching cricket and traveling
SMB Experts

John Henderson

Repair Technician


John has been a full time technician for over 15 years. John’s jobs include 2way radio rapair and services, cell phone repairs and in building network installations and service. Over that time he has managed to keep up with the ever evolving technology and continues to provide top notch service with great success.
John is a very loyal person who enjoys riding his bike, walking his dog and is an active member of his church community.